Rates Firefly Equestrian Center

Primary Services

  • Pasture Board: $350/month - Full Up!

Additional Services

  • Blanketing: $35/month
  • Electric Fan (Stall Boarding only): $15/month
  • Trace clip: $50/each
  • Hunter clip: $100/each
  • Full Body Clip: $150/each
  • Face Trim/bridle path: $20
  • Grooming: $100/month
    • Includes weekly baths during the summer, main and tail detangling, daily brushing and hoof picking, monthly face trim and bridle path clip, and mane and tail trimming.Grooming is maintained year round as needed. Grooming charge will only be applied in months where it occurred.
  • Standing for Farrier/Vet: $15/each
  • Medication/Bandaging: $15/day
  • Hand Walk/Longe: $40/45 mins
  • Fly Spray/Fly Mask: $20/month
  • Bathing: $15/each (owner provides shampoo)

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